Malta Overview:

Malta is a group of small islands located in the central Mediterranean Sea. The Maltese society has been influenced by its multiple rulers. The central island stretched to its dynamic coastlines and limestone formations. Maltese population comprises a homogeneous ethnic group of Italians, Maltese, Greeks, British nationals, Palestinians, and Sindhis on the island. The island is densely populated with the cultural and traditional values parallel to the modern advanced industrial growth and expansion. English and Maltese are two official languages in Malta with other sub-communication dialects. The country follows a unique amalgamation of student-worker schemes wherein, a student will be studying for 6-months and working for 6-months to provide better lucrative employment opportunities. The tertiary education system mainly focuses on the global innovative and techno-entrepreneurs programs to produce global leaders.

Why study in Malta?

  • Malta is boosting lucrative job opportunities for international enthusiasts across the world. There numerous finest job opportunities are available like Data Scientists, Designers, Account Executives, Business Development Managers, and many more. The country comprises marvellous scenic beauty, historical churches, stunning beaches, and much more. International students can learn in a robust environment and the world’s finest education institutions with a multidisciplinary atmosphere.


  • A wonderful learning opportunity for the international or Indian students in Malta without IELTS only with valid proof of knowledge of the English language at the intermediate level at least. It is a home of various fantastic study programs with globally recognized course curriculum and teaching techniques. All the renowned Malta universities are highly acclaimed for their master’s degrees, management diploma courses, bachelor’s degree courses, short-term courses, and many more.


  • Another best reason to study in Malta is that they provide free health services for international students and with permanent residence opportunities as well.


  • Malta is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites with three incredible ancient monuments like—the historical capital city Valletta, and the seven megalithic temples and the hypogeum.


What course/programs to study in Malta?

Malta is the country versatile ethnic culture and modern affirmation as per the global industry that promotes the best education in the popular courses as well. Some of them like Business Accounting & Finance, Digital Games, Engineering, Science & Technology, Economics, Health Sciences, Anthropology, Medicine, Nursing, Psychology, Education, Law, Arts, Tourism Travel & Culture, and plenty of wonderful courses. There are various degree (full-time) courses, part-time courses, and doctoral degree courses are available for international talents with the medium of instruction in the English language. 

Malta student visa requirements & eligibility criteria:

  • An international student must have a student visa or a Schengen visa to study in Malta with certain requirements and eligibility. 
  • A completed student visa application form
  • A valid visa recognized by the government of Malta
  • A passport size photograph (as per the requirement of the Malta Embassy/Consulate)
  • An acceptance letter from the enrolled Maltese university
  • A valid proof of medical or travel insurance
  • A valid proof adequate funds to study in Malta with bank statements/travellers’ slip
  • A flight ticket as proof of travel plans
  • The visa application fee must be paid as per the Embassy’s/Consulate’s requirements
  • Extra photocopies of the academic documents and the required documents
  • Verification of current address

One must reach out to their local Malta Embassy/Consulate to apply for a student visa or for updated information.

Cost of studying and living in Malta:

  • Malta is both a member of the Commonwealth and European Union and has a tie-up with European Higher Education Area as well. The authorities in Malta and EU organizations provide various scholarships to international aspirants. Apart from its cultural enrichment Malta, has low-cost tuition fees courses and economic living expenses as compared to other European countries. It is a hub of private and public education institutions which boosts the tertiary education system effectively with low-cost learning expenses. However, the total study cost could be depending on the chosen course and university in which an international student has been enrolled. On an average note, the amount of 2,000 EUR an aspirant is likely to spend on their education in Malta. 


  • If one lives on rent/share the place then the accommodation expenses could cost around 700 EUR. Majorly, one must keep at least 300 EUR with themselves to maintain all the high-end expenses. 


  • However, on-campus accommodation can cost from 250 to 300 EUR and off-campus can cost 450 to 700 EUR variables on the location. 

Work permit and study in Malta:

The life of an international student in Malta is full of adventure and an exhilarating ride. Malta universities provide a wide range of skill-based courses with the best infrastructure facilities that lead to a diverse cosmopolitan lifestyle. They not only offer Maltese language-based study programs but also English language as well. 

Those international students who are studying in Malta for more than 90 days can apply for an employment license and the relevant documents are as follows:

  • A completed application form
  • An applicant’s copy of CV
  • A photocopy of the applicant’s visa (if they are in Malta)
  • A valid cover letter from the candidate’s employer
  • A passport size photograph of the candidate
  • To scale the candidate’s qualifications testimonials or references of the candidate
  • A valid medical certificate of the applicant
  • A report of the vacancy demonstrating that no (eligible) Maltese is available for the employment opportunity

Once the recruitment process is completed the applicant can apply for the Maltese employment opportunity and for a work visa. Generally, it takes 4-6 weeks to gain an employment license after the aspirant can start working by providing proof to the authority that they will be studying in Malta for more than 90 days. There are some specific conditions on which an international enthusiast can work while studying in Malta. 

  • An international enthusiast cannot work more while attending a study course in Malta for at least 90 days. 
  • Once the student receives a study visa in Malta for the duration of more than 90 days may apply for an employment license. 
  • An international potential candidate must secure a job offer and submit the application form together with their employer. 
  • Minimum 15 hours a week of classes must be attended by the candidate.
  • The international student can only work a maximum of 20 hours per week.
  • An international student must complete their studies even if they have obtained an employment license or working.  

PR in Malta for the international students:

  • International or Third-world country citizens who wish to study, job, and stay in Malta for incredible opportunities can apply for the PR visa as well. Once a PR card has been granted to the applicant it is for a lifetime but must be renewed every five years. The eligibility criteria under the PR card category, the international enthusiasts must be 18 years old and can apply under other sub-categories as well. The categories included: the main investor with valid legal income, spouse, children over 18/under 18, and parents and grandparents of the main applicant or their spouse’s. Wherein, under spouse and other sub-categories (except children under 18) the applicant must be having valid medical insurance, no criminal record, and be financially dependent on the main applicant or their spouse. 


  • It takes around 6-8 months to register or process a PR in Malta through the Embassy/Consulate. 


  • Malta is among the world’s safest and peaceful countries with extremely economic educational opportunities. The country promotes the best education with hands-on experience in the most sought-after courses across the globe. It is situated in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea as the largest island among all the other groups of islands. They offer plenty of internship opportunities and scholarships to international talents and young minds.  

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