Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program

Manitoba Provincial  Nominee Program (MPNP) is an immigration stream. It allows the government of Manitoba to choose applicants who are eligible and best suited to contribute to the province’s economy.  The Manitoba PNP seeks out applicants who intend to stay and work in Manitoba.


Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) demands only highly skilled workers, business people, and their families with the intention & ability to settle and economically establish themselves in Manitoba as permanent residents.


Manitoba makes it easy to immigrate and settle in its province

Manitoba PNP benefits:


  • 🍁Manitoba PNP invites candidates with a 4.5 IELTS score.
  • 🍁Gives priority to applicants who already have a friend or blood relative in Manitoba.
  • 🍁Visa application processing time is less in comparison with other provinces.
  • 🍁Applicant can claim points till the age of 49 years.
  • 🍁Manitoba considers candidates who score a minimum of 60/100 Manitoba points eligible for Manitoba PNP

Manitoba PNP benefits:

There are lots of reasons to immigrate to Manitoba. Please find a few of them.

  • 🍁Manitoba is one of the most beautiful and peaceful provinces of Canada.
  • 🍁Manitoba is one of the fastest emerging economies, inviting a huge number of immigrants every year.
  • 🍁Manitoba has high career opportunities and provides with affordable cost of living.
  • 🍁Standard of living and development are both high in Canada.

Manitoba PNP Program / Categories

There are the following categories of applying for Manitoba PNP.

  1. Skilled worker
  2. International Graduate
  3. Business Investor Stream

  • 🍁Skilled Worker stream:
    This stream is locally driven and based on the needs of Manitoba employers. Manitoba selects internationally trained and experienced workers who have the skills needed in the province and invite a candidate for the Canada PR visa to settle and work in Manitoba.


  • 🍁International Education Stream:
    This stream is designed only for International graduates studying in Manitoba and settling permanently in Manitoba.


  • 🍁Manitoba Business / Investor Stream:
    This stream allows Manitoba to recruit and nominate qualified business people worldwide who wish to serve and settle in Manitoba and establish, purchase a business, or become partners in the existing platform.

How to apply for Manitoba PNP from India?

As one of the fastest-growing economies and one of the most developed provinces of Canada, Manitoba is a province where a vast number of immigrants are migrating nowadays. However, the various benefits this province offers and its unique points table make it relatively easy for an applicant to apply and receive an invitation from this province. Still, to apply for the Manitoba PNP, an applicant must follow the below-mentioned steps.


The first step towards immigration to Manitoba is to check eligibility. To become eligible for the Manitoba PNP, an applicant must meet specific requirements like age, qualification, work experience, English proficiency, adaptability, etc. Once an applicant meets these particular requirements and scores a minimum of 60/100 MPNP points, they would be eligible to apply. To know more about the Manitoba PNP, please contact our immigration experts on the number mentioned 8810322422 or drop an email at

Please find below the Manitoba PNP process steps.