How to apply for a Canada Tourist Visa from India

Embarking on a journey to Canada? Secure your official ticket with a visitor visa, also known as a temporary residence visa. This document is essential to prove your eligibility for entry into the stunning landscapes and diverse culture of Canada. (Canada Tourist Visa)

How to apply for a Canadian tourist visa from India

Why a Visitor Visa?

For most visitors, a visiting visa is a prerequisite. Fortunately, applying for one is a breeze with our online visitor visa application. Just ensure you need a visitor visa before you hit the “submit” button.

Determining the right entry document hinges on factors such as your travel document type, passport-issuing nation, nationality, and mode of transportation for your Canadian adventure.

Canada Tourist Visa Requirements

To ensure a smooth journey, meet these minimal requirements:


✅Clean Record:- No criminal or immigration-related convictions.

✅Ties to Home Country:- Convince an immigration officer of your ties, like a job, residence, funds, or family.

✅Departure Assurance:- Persuade them you’ll leave Canada after your visit.

✅Financial Stability:- Show you have enough money for your stay, considering your accommodation plans.


Prohibited from entering Canada are those involved in human rights abuses, criminal behavior, and organized crime. Entry denial may also occur due to security, medical, or financial reasons.

Duration of Stay on Canada Tourist Visa

Typically, visitors stay for six months, but the duration can vary. Border services officers decide your stay length, recording it in your passport or on a visiting record.

If you lack a passport stamp upon arrival, you can stay for six months or until your passport expires. Ask an officer for a stamp if needed.

Applying for a Canada Visit Visa

Prepare for a seamless application process:

  1. Eligibility Proof:- Gather necessary documents.
  2. Online Application:- Create a profile, upload files, and pay fees.
  3. Biometrics:- Provide fingerprints and a photo, especially for first-time applicants.

Canadian Tourist Visa Fees

Submit CAD 100 per person to the Canada Immigration Authorities with your application.

Application Handling Process

Ensure a smooth application process:


✅Check for Completeness:- Verify all necessary documentation is submitted.

✅Passport Submission:- Send your passport for approval.

✅Follow Instructions:- Respond to emails for visa receipt.

✅Trip Preparation:- Ready yourself for travel and arrival.


Post-arrival, be prepared to present additional documents to border services officers, such as:


✅Travel History:-Previous visas, entry/exit stamps, and relevant permits.

✅Account Statement:- Details of at least six months of financial history.

✅Identity Document:- Valid passport or travel documents.

Visitor Visa Canada Processing Time

Official records indicate 149 days for Indian, visitor visas from outside Canada. However, with Viapply Immigration, many clients have received approval within a week.

Note: Processing time excludes the transfer period from a visa center and the biometrics submission.

Explore Canada hassle-free – start your journey with a visitor visa today!