Australia Tourist Visa Application Process

Planning leisure Holidays in Australia or getting an invitation from an Australian Friend/Family to meet them or plotting a business meeting in Australia and concerned about how to get Australia tourist/Visitor visa. Don’t worry here our step-by-step Guide will assist you in filling your Australian Tourist Visa or you can take assistance from India’s most reliable Australian Tourist/Visitor Visas Expert Consultant to experience quick, hassle-free processing of your Tourist/visitor Visa.

Australia visitor visa from India

If you are planning holidays in Australia you will love to visit the beautiful Landscapes of Australia here are some of the prominent places you love to visit in Australia:

✅The Sydney opera house
✅The Great Barrier Reef
✅The Sydney Harbor Bridge
✅Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
✅The Beautiful Beaches in Sydney
✅Sydney City and many more.

Australia Tourist/ Visitors Visa features

The Australia Visitor Visa or say tourist visa is an immigration pass issued by the Australian Government for travel and tourism purposes. You can avail of this Visa facility to visit your friend/relative/family member Plan Australian Tour or enjoy your holidays in Australia. You can also avail of this Visitor Visa to join your business meeting or Event. There are three major subtypes of Australian Visitor/Tourist visas:

The Australian Visitors Visa: This visa is used to visit Australia to enjoy holidays/with friends/family members. You can apply to avail of this visa from any corner of the world. Its processing time varies from 1 day to 40 days depending on the visitor’s profile.

The Australian Business visitor: you can avail of this visa facility for your business meetings to plan a business setup or attend events on this Island continent to seek this visa you have to apply for this visa from anywhere outside Australia. Its processing time varies from 1 day to 28 days depending on the visitor’s profile  

The Australian Family Sponsored Visitor Visa: It offers friends, family members or legal partners the to visit Australia from outside Australia Your Australian PR holder or Australian Citizen residing in Australia, for this you must get an Invitation from your Australian resident Inviter. Its processing time varies from 28 days to 50 days depending on the visitor’s profile

Note: You can avail of a Visitor Visa for a longer duration specifically issued to the parents of Australian citizens and Permanent Residents whose parents are residing outside and love to visit Australia frequently.

Note: To have a strong Profile to get your Visitors/Tourist Visa Plan in advance and prefer to take immigration expert advice as they help you to project a good profile to immigration authorities with the help of their expertise.

Facts to Remember

You are not allowed to legally work on this visa but can travel across the whole country and stay for a maximum of 90 days to 365 days (Subjected to Visa Conditions).

Australian tourist visa documents checklist

  1. Valid Passport: you must have all valid Passports for the applicants visiting Australia with minimum six-month validity at the time of travel.
  2. Proof of fund to support your financial independence and ability to bear your travel expenses and support co-applicants if any accompanying
  3. Police clearance certificate
  4. Medical fitness certificate  and medical history if applicable
  5. Be prepared with the documentation and invitation letters for the visa you are applying for the type of Visitor Visa.
  6. Quick Track Form (In case of Fast Track Applications only).
  7. Clear Colored photo (passport size, recently taken with a white background, 35 x 45 mm size, with 70 to 80% facial coverage; the Embassy does not accept photos with white shirts or t-shirts)
  8. Travel plan (Trip itinerary, Hotel Booking, Travel Tickets)
  9. Travel Insurance
  10. The Cover letter (Addressed to The Australian High Commission).
  11. Personal E-Bank Statement for the Past Six Months Clearly stating the Name and Telephone Number of the Bank
  12. Pay stubs (Last 03 Months)
  13. The last three years’ worth of tax documents.
  14. If possible a daily Tour Itinerary
  15. Employment evidence
  16. Strong home ties

How to apply for Australian Tourist Visa

To apply for an Australia visitor visa, you can follow the below steps:

Plan your Visa Type: Australia has different visitor visa categories depending on the purpose; Invitation and duration of your stay finalize your tourist Visa type.

Documentation: Prepare yourself with the documentation required as per Australian Government requirements also make sure to plan documents that may strengthen your application.

Complete the online application form: Apply for an Australia visitor visa very carefully as your casual application filling may cause your application Rejection. It is advisable to take Expert assistance while filling out your application more precisely so as to neutralize any chances of rejection.

Pay the visa application fee: pay the visa application fee as part of the application process. Fees vary from type of tourist visa application.

Submit your application: Once you have completed the online application form and paid the fee, you can submit your application.

Australia visitor visa from India

People Frequently Ask Questions

Q 1: What are the Documents required for an Australian Visitors Visa?

Answer: In The above text we have figured out the documents required For a Visitors Visa.

Q 2: What is the Processing time for a Visitors’ Visa Application?

Answer: Most Importantly after Proper Filling with proper documents the processing time differs from case to case depending on various immigration factors here is the Glimpse:

  1. For tourist visitors one-fourth of applications are processed within 3 working days about half the number of applications are processed in 7-10 days, about three fourth of applications are processed within 30 days almost all the applications are decided by 60 days.
  2. Business visitors’ fourth of applications are processed within 3 working days about half the number of applications are processed in 5-7 days, about three fourth of applications are processed within 9-12 days almost all the applications are decided by 30 days.

Sponsored family visitors fourth of applications are processed within 30 working days about the half the number of applications are processed in 30-35 days, and about three fourth of applications are processed within 42-47 days almost all the applications are decided by 60 days.

Q 3: How can I get an Australian Tourist Visa from India?

Answer: In just for Steps you can Plan your Visitors Visa:

Step 1: Select the Visitors Visa type on the basis of purpose and your Planning.
Step 2: Prepare Your Documents Required.
Step 3: File your Application with the proper fee being paid to the Australian concerned department.
Step 4: Respond to any requirement asked in your application. Finally, you get your result.


Documents required for Australia Tourist Visa

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